Left Field Friday: April 5th, 2013


Sometimes Friday hits and I feel like I’ve won something simply because I made it through the week without completely losing it. So…here’s to not losing it!

  • My brother, who’s a pretty sweet baseball blogger, wrote a personal, non-baseball post this week about his love/hate relationship with Dove Promises. As he says, “Basically: they’re the worst and kind of also the best things in the world. They’re hilarious.” As I read through my brother’s synopsis of what’s so very funny, random, and downright strange about the wrappers, I realized I sit comfortably in the [pathetic? pathetic.] subset of women who look forward to these messages post-chocolate consumption. Sure, the sarcastic side of me acknowledges the hilarity, but there’s also this part of me that is putty in the hands of these Promises. Example A: The above wrapper has been taped to my office wall for approximately 4 months. No joke. I’m that girl.
  • I may be only 27, but this parody of Taylor Swift’s “22” hits way too close to home. Oh gouda wedge, I gotta have you.
  • Speaking of my old soul, my coworker (who is both younger and hipper than me) introduced me to Spotify this week. I’ve never said, “I’m too old for this shit” so many times within 15 minutes. Thank goodness Spotify understood after a short while that all I really ever want is to listen to Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” and 90s hits on repeat…all damn day.
  • It’s not uncommon that Joy the Baker amazes me with a creation, but this sandwich just looks jaw-dropping fantastic. Cream cheese, sour cream, artichokes, sautéed spinach, and sriracha? Done.
  • While we’re talking about sandwiches, can someone bring this to my office for lunch today? K thanks.
  • Do NOT look at this as you’re drinking gingerale (or anything carbonated) unless you want bubbles up your nose like whoa. I can’t even deal right now.
  • I’m REALLY excited I found this tutorial. Look out cupcakes, things are getting fancier from here on out.
  • The Beast found this really great guide to sustainable eating in the Twin Cities. We’re always looking for new options around town, so we’ve already been referencing this for upcoming date nights. Fellow Minnesotans – check it out!

Have a happy weekend!


2 Responses to “Left Field Friday: April 5th, 2013”

  1. Taylor @ greens & chocolate — April 7, 2013 @ 8:09 am (#)

    Omg that parody on “22” is so me… And I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have even been drinking coffee while looking through the dogs that can’t handle anything…too funny!

    • Veggie — April 8, 2013 @ 11:18 am (#)

      After showing the dog link to Ryan this weekend I realized that I might think it’s more funny than anyone else does. It seriously makes me cry every time. I just can’t even handle it.