Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle

Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle #vegan #glutenfree #grainfree

I’ve been on a serious power-lunch bowl kick. They’re so easy to make ahead, and they’re packed with a variety of flavors and textures. I’ve been switching it up just about every week, but this was one of my favorites.

First, we have those crispy curried chickpeas from last week. Those are key for flavor, crunch, and protein. Then we have roasted broccoli. Raw broccoli is a no-go for me, but when it’s roasted up until it has some golden brown florets? yum.

Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle #vegan #glutenfree #grainfree

The chickpeas and broccoli go beside coconut cilantro cauliflower rice. For those wary of the cauliflower-as-rice thing, I readily admit that on its own, I don’t love cauliflower rice. I wouldn’t sit down with plain cauliflower rice and confuse it with the real thing. But when it’s mixed with tasty ingredients and covered in a sauce? Then it works really well (see exhibits A and B).

Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle #vegan #glutenfree #grainfree

Speaking of sauce, here I used the peanut butter sriracha sauce, from example “A” above. It’s easy, sweet, salty, and spicy. So many of my favorite food descriptors in one drizzle.

Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle #vegan #glutenfree #grainfree
Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle #vegan #glutenfree #grainfree

It may seem that this recipe has a lot of components, but if your oven space and baking sheet collection allow, you can roast the chickpeas and broccoli at the same time. The sauce simmers for 5 minutes, and the rice cooks for about 10 minutes. For your effort, you’re rewarded with 4 substantial and seriously healthy lunch servings.

Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle #vegan #glutenfree #grainfree

The flavor combination in this bowl is really fun – spicy, sweet, nutty. The textures also keep it interesting, with the golden and slightly crispy broccoli florets, the crispy chickpeas, the cauliflower rice, and that smooth drizzle. So much going on, and all of it SO GOOD.

Since I’m big on lunch bowls lately, tell me – what are your favorites? Links encouraged – I’m always looking for new ideas!

Roasted Broccoli Power Lunch Bowls with Sriracha Peanut Drizzle

A healthy lunch bowl packed with good-for-you things - roasted broccoli, crispy chickpeas, and coconut cauliflower rice!

Yield: 4 servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes


Roasted Broccoli:

  • 4 ½ cups broccoli florets
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt

Coconut Cauliflower Rice:

  • 1 head cauliflower, shredded (see note)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • ½ cup light coconut milk
  • ½ cup cilantro, chopped
  • ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt (more to taste)

You'll Also Need:


  1. Toss the broccoli with the olive oil and salt. Spread onto a pan. Roast for 20-25 minutes until golden on the edges. Note: If you didn’t make your chickpeas beforehand, you can roast them at the same time as the broccoli. They take a little longer to roast - see instructions here.
  2. While the broccoli roasts, make the cauliflower rice. Melt the coconut oil over medium heat in a large non-stick pan. Pour in the cauliflower, and stir. Pour in half of the coconut milk. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. After about 5 minutes add the remaining coconut milk and cilantro, and cook for another 5 minutes, until the cauliflower is tender and has absorbed all of the coconut milk.
  3. Make the sriracha peanut sauce: combine all ingredients in a small saucepan, bring to a boil, and let simmer for 3-5 minutes. It will thicken as it cools a bit.
  4. When all ingredients are ready, divide the broccoli, rice, and chickpeas across 4 bowls, then drizzle with peanut sauce and additional sriracha. I like to top mine with peanuts as well.

I shred the cauliflower in my food processor and that works really well. I assume a box grater would work, but haven't tried it myself.


14 Responses to “Power Lunch Bowls with Roasted Broccoli and Sriracha Peanut Drizzle”

  1. Katrina — March 10, 2016 @ 10:14 am (#)

    Oof, that Sriracha Peanut Sauce seriously needs to go on everything. LOVE this recipe!

  2. Lauren Gaskill | Making Life Sweet — March 10, 2016 @ 11:52 am (#)

    I love everything about this power bowl and I’m totally making this for lunch tomorrow. Pinned! Hope you are doing well, Katie. :)

    • Katie — March 10, 2016 @ 12:32 pm (#)

      Thanks for the comment and pin, Lauren! I hope you’re doing well too in your new city! :)

  3. Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life — March 10, 2016 @ 5:24 pm (#)

    Katie! This lunch box looks like the perfect way to power up my lunchbox next week! I love that delicious sauce (I have a feeling I’ll be eating it on everything!). I’ve pinned it and I’m putting the ingredients on my shopping list right now!

    • Katie — March 10, 2016 @ 8:49 pm (#)

      Thanks Amy! Appreciate the comment and the pin!

  4. Brie — March 11, 2016 @ 8:25 am (#)

    I looove everything in this bowl!   I’m with you on the roasted broccoli, it’s so much better than raw and that creamy Sriracha peanut sauce Y-U-M

    • Katie — March 11, 2016 @ 8:58 am (#)

      Thanks Brie!

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  6. Nina — March 23, 2016 @ 10:23 am (#)

    OMG !!  I made this for dinner last night — it was AMAZING !!  I will be craving this … a new healthy favorite!  I’ve never had roasted broccoli and I will NEVER prepare steamed broccoli again!

    Tip — I “riced” the cauliflower in my Ninja … ! 

    • Katie — March 23, 2016 @ 11:16 am (#)

      Awesome – thank you so much for the comment! :)

  7. wineland — December 27, 2016 @ 11:19 am (#)

    ½ cilantro, chopped
    Is that a 1/2 cup cilantro or take a storebought bunch and halve it?
    Thanks! Brian

    • Katie — December 27, 2016 @ 3:27 pm (#)

      It’s supposed to be 1/2 cup cilantro, chopped. I updated the recipe – thanks for letting me know it was confusing!

  8. Nikee — January 21, 2017 @ 3:22 pm (#)

    This recipe is AMAZING! I loved it! I love this website and your cookbook! Thanks for doing what you do-it definetly makes a positive and healthy impact on my life!💕

    • Katie — January 22, 2017 @ 9:27 am (#)

      Wow, thank you so much for your comment! That makes my day.