Double-Glazed Vegan Pumpkin Scones

Better-For-You Vegan Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Scones // #vegan
Happy Halloween! BoOoOoOo.

I used to love Halloween. My friend Anna and I would start talking mid-summer about what our costumes would be. My favorite costume was a garden gnome, for which I wore green tights, an oversized blue shirt (that I rubbed with bronzer so it would look dirty), a doctored santa hat (took out the white sections), and a beard. A couple years ago I went as an emoticon; I wore all black and stuck tape to myself into a :P face. The whole “sexy” halloween costume was never really my thing.

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Spicy White Cheddar Chili

Spicy White Cheddar Chili //

So much carb dunking around these parts.

Although I’ve been on a soup kick for over a month, this is the first truly chilly week where soup feels necessary, and I’m digging it.

Check back with me in January, and I will very likely be digging it MUCH less. But, for now, lets proceed with all the bread and all the cheesy soup.


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Whole Grain Flax and Millet Baguettes

Whole Grain Flax and Millet Baguettes! Easier than you think,  and there's NOTHING like homemade bread!

For years I’ve been a devoted Panera customer. If I’m going out to lunch, you can bet I’ll be at Panera about 90% of the time.

Then, just a few weeks ago, I went in and ordered my You Pick Two, requested a whole grain baguette on the side, and they said “We’re not doing baguettes anymore, but would you like a dinner roll?”

…no. I want a baguette. That’s why I’m here. That’s always why I’m here. Where am I? Who am I? Why don’t you have my bread?


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Caramelized Apple Cinnamon Cluster Granola

Caramelized Apple Cinnamon Cluster Granola #vegan #glutenfree //

I used to dislike apple-flavored things, or at least I thought so. I also thought I disliked the taste of wine, and wasn’t much for TV. Things change.

It turns out it’s the fake apple flavor that I dislike. Apple martinis? Nope. Apple candy? Noooo thanks. A packet of apple cinnamon oatmeal? Bleh.

Take some real apples (honeycrisp, preferably), peel them (at first I wrote “feel” them – hehe), chop them, then caramelize them with some brown sugar? Now we’re talking.

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