Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds

Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds //

This week, my mornings have been motivated by toast: thick, seeded bread toasted until golden, and smothered with this nut butter. It’s heaven. Sometimes I sprinkle some chia seeds on top too, but really? That’s just a healthful afterthought.

Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds //

I like to call myself a morning person, and Ryan always corrects me and says I’m a “mid-morning person.” I may have trouble getting out of bed, sure (snooooze that alarm over and over and OVER), but sitting down with my toast and my coffee and my Teia on my lap is one of the best parts of my day.

Of course, during the week I sometimes snooze my alarm so much that I have to rush through/skip that lovely peaceful time, but at least I can count on the weekends for my picturesque mornings.

Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds //
Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds //

To be honest, I usually buy my nut butters. I want to make my own, because I think it’s cool (NERD), but Ryan hates the sound of the food processor. In fact, I usually bring the food processor into the bathroom and shut the door so it’s not so loud. Did I just admit that? Gross.

Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds //

This nut butter, however, is totally worth the screeching food-processor sound. Maple syrup is roasted into the almonds and flaxseeds before processing, which results in a deeply flavorful sweet and nutty butter of love.

When I’ve tried to pour maple syrup into my homemade almond butter before, I’ve found that it makes the nut butter grainy and thick. I’m happy to report there’s NONE of that negative texture here; since the maple syrup is baked into the almonds, this nut butter gets totally smooth and dreamy. If you like a little crunch in your almond butter, stir in another couple tablespoons of flaxseeds after you’re done processing. YOU’RE SO HEALTHY.

Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds //

Toast love 4-EV-ER.

Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds

Smooth and creamy nut butter made from maple-roasted almonds and flaxseeds! Rich, perfectly sweet, and healthy!

Yield: 2 1/4 cup

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes


  • 4 cups raw almonds
  • 6 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon grapeseed or non-GMO canola oil
  • 3 tablespoons flaxseeds
  • ¾ teaspoon sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together the almonds, maple syrup, oil, and flaxseeds until well incorporated. Spread out onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, stirring 3 times.
  3. Transfer the maple-roasted almonds and salt to a food processor, and process until the almond butter is the consistency you want. First the almonds will turn into almond meal, and then you'll slowly start to see it smooth out and liquify - this can take a while, so be patient!

Nutrition Information: Serving Size: 2 tablespoons, Calories: 152, Total Fat: 11.7g, Saturated Fat: 0.9g, Cholesterol: 0g, Sodium: 98.4g, Total Carbohydrates: 9.4g, Dietary Fiber: 3g, Sugars: 4.9g, Protein: 4.6g


10 Responses to “Creamy Maple-Roasted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds”

  1. Miss Polkadot — February 5, 2015 @ 5:02 pm (#)

    Bathroom-made nut butter?! Well now, that’s something new and this one looks amazing. Do you pay it back to Ryan by keeping all the almond butter to yourself ;) ? I recently posted a recipe for refined sugar-free candied peanuts and if I’d tried to turn these into nut butter my problem would have been not eating all of them straight from the oven.

  2. Tanith — February 6, 2015 @ 4:09 am (#)

    Looks lovely :) How long does it last for?

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  4. Jennifer — February 10, 2015 @ 1:30 am (#)

    Made this tonight and it is so delicious! Roasting the almonds with the maple syrup gives it such an awesome flavor. It took my food processor quite a while to make it come together like you said but it did eventually and was worth wait. Loved this post because I’m all about nut butters on toast too and have to make things in the food processor when I am home by myself as my boyfriend does not deal well with the sound either (I’ve been waiting to try this for days).  Never tried going in the bathroom but now that you mention it… :)

  5. Anna — February 10, 2015 @ 10:02 am (#)
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  7. Nikee — March 28, 2015 @ 2:15 pm (#)

    This is officially becoming a staple in my house! This is amazing nut butter.  I’ve had it for dinner twice with apples. I love your blog and have been making your recipes for about a year. I’m a fan.

    • Katie — March 28, 2015 @ 2:30 pm (#)

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m really happy to hear that you like the almond butter! That reminds me I need to make another batch soon… :)

  8. Crishia — December 16, 2015 @ 11:01 am (#)

    Does adding the maple syrup add a lot of calories to the almond butter per serving?

    • Katie — December 16, 2015 @ 11:14 am (#)

      This recipe makes several servings – 1 serving of nut butter is 2 tablespoons, and this recipe makes 2 1/4 cups. There are 6 tablespoons of maple syrup in the entire recipe (slightly more than 1/3 cup), so I guess it depends on your perception. I personally don’t see it as a big deal. The nutrition information is available at the bottom of the recipe.