Hi hello! Thank you for visiting my very teeny tiny corner of the massive food blogosphere. I’m Katie, and Ryan is my Beast. I’m a veggie-loving vegetarian, and he’s a carnivorous bow hunter. More on that below.

If you have an attention span like me and don’t want to read the specific jibber jabber on each of us below, allow me to summarize: This is a vegetarian food blog. It’s also a baking blog. It’s also where I share other things every now and then. I started this blog in November 2011 as an outlet for my food obsession, ever-evolving love of food photography, and constant desire to be writing. The result has become more fun, challenging, and rewarding than I ever expected. When reading this blog, expect a good mix of hearty vegetarian meals that even skeptical carnivores (like the Beast) will love, plenty of vegan and gluten-free recipes, indulgent sweet treats, and a touch of randomness, because that’s how I roll.

The Veggie, Summarized

I (Katie,”the veggie”) have been a vegetarian since the age of three simply because it “grosses me out,” and yes, that’s about the same wording I’ve used for the twenty-some years since. I love to cook, I love to bake, and I love to drink wine while doing both of these things.

By day, I’m an account manager at a digital media company. By night, I come home and immediately start making…something. I wish I could say it’s always something awesome and delicious and we all live happily ever after eating crumpets (p.s.- crumpets? weird, I know, it just felt right), but every once in a while things run amok. I won’t post those sub-par recipes here, because I’d rather act as though I’m an infallible cook, but I’m really just someone who likes to throw things together and see what happens. When it works out, I’ll let you know.

Other than cooking random things and bathing my hands in butter and sugar, I like to take pictures (no, not always of food), write (no, not always about food), be healthy (I understand the irony here), and exercise, but not in the running kind of way (aka migraine-inducing torture that makes me whiny).

The Beast, Summarized

Ryan (“The Beast”) is my polar food-opposite. An avid hunter of deer, turkey, and the occasional squirrel that irritated the wrong guy, he has no food fears. I’m lucky that he will at least TRY everything I make. He’s not super picky, and throws around the word “phenomenal” loosely while eating, which just encourages me to make even more random stuff.

You’ll probably catch on quickly that we’re both huge nerds. When we aren’t cooking, we’re probably playing Boggle, having random dance parties, or watching documentaries (/he watches while I play Boggle). He’s also introduced me to the outdoors-y world, which is quite a feat considering my not-so nature-centric upbringing (I still have yet to go camping. Ever).

As you can probably guess, I’m much more of a food person than he is, so I tend to make more than we can/should eat. Fortunately, I have eager coworkers and family members, so my food rarely goes to waste.

When something is REALLY good (read: Dirty Cupcakes), the freezer has plenty of space. :)

So there you go, that’s the gist. I do my darndest to post at least once per week, because it’s really my sanity in this surprisingly busy world of a mid(-late) 20s girl.


Thank you for being here! I hope you stay around, and if you have any awesome food ideas for me, let me know.


    • Veggie says

      Thank you :) I just checked out your blog and I want that avocado cream…like right now. Might need to make a veggie version of that in the near future.

  1. says

    I fell upon your blog by chance and it’s so so fun! I think you’re a great writer- yours is one of the few blogs I’ve read the complete blog entry and not just skipped to the recipe. Thank you for being so generous :)

  2. says

    Hi Katie! Just came across your blog through the other Katie’s blog (Miss Chocolate-Covered Katie) and I think I have found a new favorite spot! Your food photography is gorgeous and I love that you weave fun little tidbits about your life into your posts. That is definitely the kind of blog I come back to (just stalked through a few too many of your recipes… hehe). Thanks for the inspiration, and huge congrats on your cookbook deal!

  3. says


    I have to say your writing style is AMAZING! I love coming across blogs (like yours!!) that I just want to read because of how smooth and clever the writing is.

    On another note, your photos and recipes are exceptional! I just added you to my blog list :)

    Happy blogging!

  4. swaralika says

    I happened to see the blog by chance now this is my go to site for nonindian recipes
    I love how you make vegetarian dishes with different combinations and veggies which i love love i usually don’t comment on any blog i had to one this one i once made your cheesy enchilada it was hit with my family Thanks to you
    Keep up the good work

  5. Bolly osmond says

    Im not sure I should follow you as Im vegan but maybe use the recipes and chuck out the dairy. Bolly from Spain

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