Almond Arugula White Bean Hummus

Almond Arugula White Bean Hummus - rich, creamy, healthy springtime hummus! @veggiebeastblog

Green spring hummus! Let’s do this.

As I mentioned last week, I’m fairly desperate for a season change. Bring it on, spring. Seriously, bring it now. I can’t do the dingy grey outdoors anymore. Move on out.

Simple Greek Pasta Salad

Simple Greek Pasta Salad // @veggiebeastblog

For the past several months, I’ve pretty much wanted only warm things in my life. My food choices have been grilled sandwiches, soups, brownies zapped in the microwave, and warmed salads. Outside of the food realm, I’ve been wrapped in blankets, covered in fleece sleepwear (sexy, I know), and using my 17-pound dog for warmth (surprisingly effective). Pretty standard winter stuff, eh?

Curried Carrot Chickpea Chia Burgers

Curried Carrot Chickpea Chia Burgers //

When I was working on the cookbook, and made veggie burgers all the time (some recipes took 7 tries, oy), I like to think I kind of honed the craft of the plant-based burger. At the same time, I became so. sick. of. them. For a good couple months I wanted nothing to do with veggie burgers, and then came my summertime fritter phase. Instead of full burger patties, I made smaller patties and fried them until golden. Those little crispy gems brought back my burger groove.

Super Greens and Goat Cheese Soup

Super Greens and Goat Cheese Soup // @veggiebeastblog

I’ve been all about leafy greens lately: Green smoothies (which actually end up looking grey/brown because blueberries and spinach do NOT a pretty smoothie make), salads, and even some cold-pressed green juice from Trader Joe’s.

On the other side of the spectrum, I drank entirely too much beer on Saturday night, and had Jimmy Johns delivered to the bar at the brewery taproom I was at with my friends. What do you expect if you don’t serve food, right? Anyone? I am the picture of class.

Fudgy Black Bean Nutella Brownies

Fudgy Black Bean Nutella Brownies // @veggiebeastblog #glutenfree

A big fudgy chocolate hug for you on this Friday. A hunka chocolate burning love, if you will.

Will you? I will.